Our Advantage:

We are capable of manufacturing a variety of knit lines.
We source the raw materials and trims and accessories from around the globe to give the best possible price to our buyer.
We always keep in touch with our customers through e-mail, phone, and fax. We have several 24-hr/7days phone lines for our customers.
We send samples of fabric, trims, accessories, and garments at different levels
Before and during production, for approval and reference.

Our Objects:
Our objective is to serve as the overseas manufacturing base for good quality-high standard apparel companies. We provide the bridge between cultures to help our customers succeed where others have failed and get the competitive advantage that can only be achieved by manufacturing their products in Bangladesh

Our Vision:
We believe that good manufacturing is the best advertisement, and we let our products speak for themselves. The world in which our customers and we do business is constantly changing. To assure longtime vitality for both our business and our customers business, we pledge to relentlessly create manufacturing value… and unquestioned reliability. Our aim is not just to meet customers needs but to go beyond that to build long term relationships. We believe that good care today will mean better business tomorrow. To us customers’ satisfaction means more than just satisfied with our product or service. We are determined that our customer will not be “just a customer” but will become a “partner”!

We are a Bangladesh based company with our own factory named Knit Reflex Ltd. at Narayanganj, (largest area for garments Industries in Bangladesh)25 km distance from the capital mega city of Dhaka which has started its journey to the fashion world from 2008. With a plant area of 30,741 square meters, the factory houses 270 numbers sewing machines and employs 660 workers. Its monthly production quantities are T-shirt 3, 50, 000 pcs and Polo Shirt – 175,000 pcs. respectively With modern equipment, advanced technology, qualified technicians, skilled workers, blended with a comprehensive quality management system, our production line has the capacity of making about 3,50,000 basic t-shirts per month. Our products are being exported to many countries, mainly to European Countries, Russia and all over the world. We constantly maintain quality and delivery schedules. We follow the adage – integrity is to keep the commitments at any loss and the wisdom is not to make such commitments. We like to keep things fashionable, playful, sturdy and yet affordable.

We specialize in Knit garments; the following are our most familiar items:
All kinds of knit items in basic & fancy (T-shirt, Polo shirt, Turtle neck, Tank Top & any fancy Kids item )
All kinds of Woven items in basic & fancy (Mens, Boys & Ladies Shirt & Blouse with attached of knit based )
Sweat Shirt, Fleece Jacket
Jogging Suit

should you be interested in any items, please do feel free to contact us for more details
Knit Reflex Ltd. virtually consists of three different units under one roof. These are the knitting units, the Dyeing and Finishing unit (both tubular & open width) and lastly the Cutting and Sewing unit which produces the ultimate end- products of knit garments. Besides, logistics and utility sections render integrated support services while our own power generation unit ensures uninterrupted supply of electricity. In the Knit Reflex Ltd., state-of-the-art types of machinery have been installed that enables us to make
diversified high quality and sophisticated knit wears. We have also assembled capable Managers, technical personnel and engaged skilled men & women behind the machines. Further expansion and modernization of the project with cutting edge technologies are contemplated to meet the growing demands of a fast-changing fashion world. For us, making of apparel is more of an art involving human touch and imagination rather than merely few mechanical operations.

Policy on Child Labour:
No worker below the age of 18 is employed. The factory complies strictly with the child labor law of Bangladesh and the ILO.

Welfare Policy:
Welfare activities remain a cornerstone of our management policy. We ensure that a safe, healthy & environment-friendly working condition prevails in the factory premises.
Medical Center: A full-time medical center operates to cater to the needs of the worker.
Baby Care facilities: Baby Care Facilities are provided to children of workers/staff who need this service during work hours.
Cafeteria: The canteen caters to the requirements of workers/staff.

Emergency and other provision:
The workplaces are airy, spacious and hygienic. Each floor is equipped with an emergency exit, adequate toilets, first aid boxes, and fire fighting equipments. Abundant pure drinking water is available on all floors.

The management strictly adheres to a zero -tolerance policy in maintaining the quality of its products. Regular in-house training is thus conducted to keep our workers alert and updated with a high standard of workmanship that the Company maintains. The training not only motivates our workforce to be quality conscious but it also stores up their skills, boots up morale and generates a sense of participation in the total production process:


Contact Persons:
D.M Emran
Managing Director
Cell +880-01713009115, 01780090121
Email: emran@knitreflexltd.com

Shakhawat Hossain  Emon
Cell +880-01521435441 ( WhatsApp, Viber )
Email : emon@knitreflexltd.com

Our Bank Detail:
A/C # ”0120 11100003835

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